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Preparation Guide for BICSI ITS Technician

Most advanced phase of BICSI's ITS Installation Program.
Updated: May 11, 2011

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In order to qualify for the BICSI ITS Technicianexam, you will be required to submit the Technician Application and Experience form stating that you have at least five years of experience in voice, data, or video telecommunications cabling installation, and that you have completed the Installer, Level 1 OJT tasks booklet or the Installer Level 2 OJT task booklet. This form should be signed by your employer or supervisor. If you are self-employed, the form should be signed by someone in a position to reasonably attest to your experience (former employer, customer, etc.). Prior approval is required to take the ITS Technician examination. Complete the Examination Application and Experience form and Submit it to:

by mail
The Fiber Optic Marketplace, LLC
BICSI ITS Training Program
One TEK Park, Suite 220
9999 Hamilton Boulevard
Breinigsville, PA 18031

or by
E-Mail: fiberoptic.com
Fax: (215) 689-1463
Applications must be submited at least two weeks before the training date.

Exam Requirements

To get pass an exam you need to complete the BICSI ITS Installer, Level 2 Course (IN200)

One part is a Written Exam
- 100 multiple choice or true/false questions
- From the BICSI Telecommunications Cabling Installation Manual, 4th edition.
- You will be allowed two hours to complete the written portion of the exam.
- The ITS Technician passing score is 60%.

The other part of the exam is a Hands-on Test:
- You must successfully complete two ITS Technician 2 tasks to industry standards.
- Tasks take approximately 20 minutes each to complete.

If you fail either the written or the hands-on portion of the examination, you will need to retake the exam at a later date and pay an additional fee.
If you fail either the written or the hands-on portion of the examination three times, you will have to wait a full year from the date of your last exam before reapplying.

When you successfully complete the TE300 written and Hands-on exam and become a BICSI ITS Technician you are required to apply your knowledge on the job. You will receive a BICSI OJT booklet that must be completed before your two year registration can be renewed for the first time.

Credit Toward Certification

When you pass TE300 Exam you will earn full credit toward the following certifications:
Full credit toward BICSI ITS Technician (TE300)
Automaticaly covered FOT-FOF Exam and eligible for FOF Certification

Preparation Tools and Resources

We make a wealth of preparation tools and resources available to you. You are provided a BICSI ITS Technician Workbook. Also available for your use during the course is The National Electric Code Handbook, ANSI\EIA\TIA Commercial Wiring Standards, The BICSI Cabling Installation Manual, the BICSI TDMM, various training videos and other training materials.

Skills Being Measured
The BICSI ITS Technician TE300 Hands-on exam measures your ability to perform an assigned task based on a skill and proficiency level appropriate to this training level. Before taking the exam, you should be proficient in the job skills listed below.

KEY:  = The course provides a general introductory overview of this task. You will need to supplement the course with additional work
= The course includes some material to prepare you for this task. You will need to supplement the course with additional work
= The course includes material to prepare you for this task

Skills measured by Written Exam BICSI-TE300
Termination Skills
Terminate a 210 Block
Terminate a GigaBIX Block
Perform an STP-A Connector
Install a Fiber Optic Mechanical Splice
Install a Small Form Factor (SFF) Optical Fiber Connector
UTP Category testing (Certification Test Set)
Set cable NVP on a test set
Test a fiber optic link
Test a Grounding System (Earth Megger)
Grounding Nomograph Exercise
Evaluate an OTDR Trace
Skills measured by Hands-on Exam BICSI-TE300
(TE300 students not already an ITS Installer will receive up to 2 additional tasks)
Ability to identify the color code for a 25-pair UTP Cable
Pull 2 horizontal cable in conduit or tray
Telecommunication Bonding Backbone exercise
Terminate a UTP Patch Panel
Terminate a UTP Wall Outlet
Terminate a ScTP Patch Panel
Terminate a ScTP Wall Outlet
Terminate a 66 Block
Terminate a 110 Block
Terminate a BIX Block
Terminate a Krone Block
Install an 8-position Modular Plug
Install an F CATV Connector
Install a BNC Connector Install a BNC Connector
Install a Fiber Optic Connector
Test a coax cable
Test a UTP Cable (Continuity Tester)
Set cable NVP on a test set
Test a fiber optic link

Note: This preparation guide is subject to change at any time without prior notice and at FiberOptic.com's sole discretion. FiberOptic.com exams might include adaptive testing technology and simulation items. FiberOptic.com does not identify the format in which exams are presented. Please use the exam objectives listed in this preparation guide to prepare for the exam, regardless of its format.

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